200+ Funny Comments For Friends Pic on Instagram in Hindi & English

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Opgram.com ! If you’re searching for funny comments for friends pic? come and read this post completely,Today I’m exited to share the latest and funniest comments for friends pic, just select a funny comment from here and comment on friend pic on Instagram.

If you want to comment on friends pic on Instagram, then you must see our best collection of funny comments for friends pic. Almost all funny comments we have listed here like, funny comments on friends pic on Instagram, very funny comments for friends pic, funniest comments for friends in hindi and english. Just scroll down and copy and paste your favorite comment.

Funny Comments For Friends Pic

Funny Comments For Friends Pic on Instagram in Hindi & English

  • Most telented Munda 😎
  • So cutest pose babu 😂
  • Who is this stunner 😲
  • You just made my day 😊
  • You are so funny 😂
  • Cutest kamina forever 😆
  • Do not upload such pics 🤣
  • How I love you dear 😍
  • When did you become a model 😂
  • Chocolaty boy ❌ Dark boy 🌚
  • I see you, superstar ⭐
  • Thanks for make me laugh 😂
  • Your GF is very beautiful 😻
  • You look like a million bucks 💵
  • Hot dule with cool attitude 😎
  • You’re a natural-born star 💀
  • Your smile should be illegal 😁
  • Warning: funny content ahead 💀
  • Brilliant shoot with excellent look 🔥
  • How do you make standing still look so fun 🤣
  • Just casually making all other photos look bad 😜
  • Can you stop making the rest of us look bad 😜

Funny Comments For Friends Pic on Instagram in Hindi

  • Aayiye aapka hi intezar tha 😂
  • Teri is adah par boys aur girls dono fida hai 😜
  • Khalnayak nhi nalayak he tu 😆
  • Gajab ka Banda he yaar 😂
  • Ek aur dhamakedar pic 🔥
  • Ladkiya to maregi aaj 💀
  • Bhai mere 100rs kar vapas dekha 🙂
  • Ek do to aasani he pat jayegi 😜
  • Bhai karna kya chahta hai 😂
  • Chapri nahi dekha to ise dekhlo 🤣
  • Chalo bhai bada kar like thoko 👍
  • Kadak launda 😎
  • Here your dad’s comment like nahi karega ☠
  • Like aur comments toofan aane wala hai 😎
  • Bade hot lag rahe ho Aaj kal 🥵
  • Kya karu comment padhe Bina sukun nahi milta 💀
  • Hilaa dala bahut kuch 😜
  • Welcome to Instagram chapri 🤣
  • Nawabo ka sahar ❌ Chapriyo ka sahar✅
  • Sehzada ❌ haramzada✅
  • Ladka ❌ Lakdaa✅

Funny Comments on Friends Pic on Instagram

  • Girls will die for you my handsome friend 😂
  • Cutest human award goes to you 🏆
  • Stay handsome and funny forever 😅
  • You are the reason of my happyness of daily life ❤
  • Just wow like a stylish model 🔥
  • Love you friend so much ❣
  • Stay single forever 🤣
  • Slaying like it’s your day job 🔥
  • Hey! You look amazing dear 👍
  • I am just proud of have you my friend 👌
  • Beautiful boy with innocent heart 🥰
  • Look like Bollywood star 💀
  • Your face is glowing like a red rose 😘
  • Proof that the camera loves you 💞
  • I’m blinded by your awesomeness 😂
  • Dear friend this picture is outstanding 😱
  • I am so lucky to have you as a funniest friend ☺
  • Stop being so photogenic, it’s making the rest of us look bad 😜

Short Funny Comments For Friends Pic

  • You are a real crazy person!😅
  • Out of the world 🌍
  • You cook like no other 😎
  • Your smile is waaahooo 😱
  • You just won Instagram today 🤣
  • Girls impress In this pic bro 🙄
  • Those are my glasses you give me back 🕶
  • I’m in love with my friend 😍
  • Amazing smile with yellow teeth 😆
  • No chances to get dislike 👍
  • You are my everything dear 💀
  • More beautiful picture than girls 👌
  • Don’t dislike 😎 this is my friend 👍
  • Nobody understands you, but I can 😅
  • I can take one pic with your GF 😜
  • where is the dislike button 😅
  • You are so funny and cute 😜
  • Nice picture, Number one 🖕
  • With you I feel like a real lady 😜

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